Infant & Toddler
Child Development

Experiences in the first three years become the building blocks for school readiness, the acquisition of language and literacy skills and the foundation of trusting relationships necessary for a child to gain confidence as a learner.

Early Head Start is a year-round program serving families and children prenatally to age three. The program is designed to provide early support to families of infants and toddlers, which will enhance the child’s development through healthy beginnings and the continuity of responsive and caring relationships. The goal of Early Head Start is to foster the intellectual, social and emotional grown of both parent(s) and child.

All children receive a developmental screening that gauge social emotional wellness and developmental milestones. Individual ongoing assessment focuses on six developmental domains: social/emotional wellness, language/communication, cognitive development, approaches to learning, gross and fine motor development and physical health.  Services are focused on the child’s interest and challenges their skill levels, encourages problem solving, builds attention span and promotes curiosity.  Infant and toddler learning happen in the context of safe environments and relationships.

Early Head Start provides home based or center based services. Center based services are reserved for parents who are working or attending school full time. Children receive early care and education in an environment that is intentionally planned, cased on the goals/education outcomes of the individual, yet flexible to follow the lead of each child. Home based services are available for stay at home parents, parents who are working part time or expectant parents.  Home visits offers the same early childhood development offered in the center and focuses on partnerships with parents.

Infant/Toddler School Readiness Goals